Private Scuba Diving

Private Diving with your friends and family doesn't get better than this!

Dive boat leaves from Sopers Hole Marina, West End
10am – 4pm

Dive or learn to dive at your own pace with your friends and family (4 divers max). We accommodate all levels of diver – from the vastly experienced, to absolute beginners. Anyone healthy can dive from the age of 10 yrs upwards!

We aim to provide each of our clients a private and personalized diving experience with our highly qualified PADI Dive Instructors. With the exclusively private experience that we offer, we tailor make your day for the utmost in your enjoyment and safety.

We can mix and match the day – you may have one certified diver on board, one who needs a refresher and two total beginners who want to discover the underwater world. We can accommodate you all. Just get in touch and let us know your needs so we can create an unforgettable bespoke experience.

The day includes all your scuba pro dive gear, captain / padi dive instructor, surface support crew, fuel, delicious lunch and snacks, sodas, beer & rum punch. It also includes all national park and cruising permits.

Please note that due to Covid 19 we do not provide Wet Suits so please bring your own Wet Suit or Dive Skin if you are prone to getting cold whilst diving.

Guided dives for certified divers
$1200 for up to 4 divers.
10am – 4pm

Includes 2 morning dives with all gear, captain and crew, fuel, gourmet lunch, fresh fruit and snacks, water, soda, beer and rum punch and all national park and cruising permit fees.

Privately guided dives for divers who have already completed a dive course and have a certification card. Please bring your card with you!!

After a spectacular 2 tank morning dive, we will take you to a secluded beach with shade and chairs and delight you with a delicious picnic of quiche, salad, gourmet cold cuts and bread.

After lunch you have the choice of a further snorkel or sundowners at an off island beach bar.

We are home to the dock at 4pm.

Please bring your own wetsuit.

Female Scuba Diver

Resort course /
Discover Scuba (min age 10 yrs)
$1200 for up to 4 divers.
10am – 4pm

Never dived before? Never mind! We can offer you the PADI Discover Scuba Program, tailored for complete beginners. Discover the magic of the underwater world. Feel what it’s like to float weightless and experience the exhilaration of breathing underwater while you gaze in awe at the marine life swimming past. Do not fear! Marine animals are more afraid of you than you are of them so you couldn’t get too close even if you wanted to! This is not a certification course but a “try it out” experience, with your patient instructor supervising your every move.

The course involves a 45 minute talk on the theory behind diving and then a very shallow water intro to the simple skills necessary to dive safely. Once you have mastered these simple skills, you’ll don a new scuba tank and experience a “real” dive. You’ll be hooked for life.

Once completed, the resort course / discover scuba program can be credited towards the open water course should you wish to continue your diving adventure.

Scuba Review Tune-up / Refresher
$1200 for up to 4 divers.
10am – 4pm

If you are a certified diver but it’s been a while since you’ve taken the plunge, and feel your skills are a little rusty, you may want to take a scuba review. This tune-up is a great way to refresh your diving knowledge and reacquaint yourself with the skills and information you need to dive safely and comfortably. Your instructor will go over the basics of dive theory and then in shallow water, you will practice the skills you learned during your initial training. Once you feel comfortable, your instructor will take you on a stunning reef dive.

If you want to save time, you can complete the theory side of the scuba review online, at home. This is an assessment-based, prescriptive review of your basic diving knowledge. As you go through each assessment, you'll only receive feedback when you answer a question incorrectly. The feedback will include the correct answer and a brief review of the material on which the question was based. This means you don't waste time reviewing topics you already understand. After completing the scuba review online, you'll print a certificate of completion from your computer. When you are ready for the fun stuff, your instructor will take you through your confined water skills review in shallow water, before heading out on the open water dive. You’ll feel comfortable getting back into the water knowing that you have reviewed important information and refreshed your diving skills.

Open water course and / or referral (min age 10 years)
Contact us for details on pricing

If you want to become a bona fide certified diver, the PADI Open Water Diver Course is the program for you. However, since the open water course does involve a fair amount of book work and theory, we highly recommend you do the majority of this theory at home and leave the fun stuff to us! This involves you completing all the theory for the open water diver course at home, and then we can complete your confined water (pool) skills and open water skills over a short, 2 day period, completing your certification in our stunning warm and clear BVI waters!

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certification card which will allow you to enjoy diving adventures all over our beautiful blue planet. You will be able to connect through email with our instructor here in the BVI, who will be able to assist you every step of the way and answer any queries or questions you might have.


Further education;
Contact us for information on furthering your Dive experience and education. We can offer the following courses:

Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
Rescue Diver

Call Captain Debs anytime:

To book an amazing diving day out, please contact captain Deborah, through or phone/whatsapp on +12843403434 to discuss your diving requirements.
Deborah has over 25 years experience as a PADI Dive Instructor and is dedicated to giving you a safe, fun and unforgettable experience.

General Policy:

• All certified divers must present their certified divers card before diving.
• Payments can be made in cash or by credit card.
• We request that cancellations be made at least 24 hours prior to the dive.
• Our instructors have extensive knowledge of the area and will always lead the dive. No independent diving is allowed.
• The marine eco-system is the most delicate eco-system on our planet. if you touch any coral you will kill it, and it takes eons to grow back. so please, be careful with your buoyancy and do not touch anything! please do not harass the sea life. turtles are very gentle and docile – if your movements are gentle and slow, you can swim within a foot of them. please resist the temptation to “ride” them. this exhausts them and leaves them prone to attack from predators. feeding of sea life is also prohibited. we are all intricately connected to the world around us. feeding the fish stops them from eating algae. this alga then grows out of control and suffocates the coral it grows on. the coral then dies. without the coral reefs of the world, our planet will not survive, so please be aware!


• Please note diving is not permitted within 18 hrs before your return flight.
• Drinking and diving is not permitted until final dive is completed for the day.
• All divers will complete a safety check before entering the water.
• All divers will end the dive with a 5m / 15 feet safety stop, regardless of depth and bottom time.
• Please do not forget to specify on your vacation insurance that you will be diving.
• Captain or instructors retain the right to cancel a dive, due to weather conditions and/or the safety of the guest. any divers deemed unsafe before or during the dive will be prohibited from continuing. Please understand this is at the instructor’s discretion and for safety reasons.
• As mentioned, if you have had an injury, been hospitalized or acquired a medical condition since your certification, you will need to be checked out by your own doctor giving you medical clearance to dive.
• We recommend that any divers who have not been diving for over a year take a scuba review course. this can be arranged when scheduling your dives.
• Please note all our gear is cleaned and sanitized daily over and above recommended guidelines for Covid – 19.